Silence 2021 movie Review |how to watch

 Silence 2021 movie Review |how to watch

Silence... Can You Hear It?

Silence... Can You Hear It? is a thriller movie with the main character as Manoj Bajpayee, who plays a police officer role who solve a murder case together with his team.

This movie is released on zee 5

Silence... Can You Hear It?

The story begins with the murder of a girl. Who is the daughter of a former judge and the girl's family and her acquaintances are suspected in the murder case of the girl

Manoj bajpayee as an honest and dutiful police officer is given to solve this case. And Manoj bajbaye tries his best to solve this mystery and in the last Manoj bajpayee together with his team will solve the case.

The story is very simple, but due to the acting of Manoj Bajpai in this movie, it becomes great thriller movie.

As in most thriller movies, the one who is the main suspect is not a murderer while someone who is a murderer is very difficult to notice.

The movie is good and worth watching. If you are fond of thriller movies, then do not forget to watch this movie.

This movie will tie you to the very first scene and will not distract you even once till the end. You will not be disappointed at all by watching this movie, and will enjoy this movie very much.

Movie cast

Manoj Bajpayee as ACP Avinash Verma

Arjun Mathur as MLA Ravi Khanna

Barkha Singh as Pooja Choudhary

Hitha Chandrashekhar as Kavita Khanna

Prachi Desai as Inspector Sanjana Bhatia 

Sahil Vaid as Inspector Amit Chauhan

Shishir Sharma as Justice Chaudhary, Pooja's father

Denzil Smith as Commissioner Sanjay Sharma

Vaquar Shaikh as Inspector Raj Gupta

Sohaila Kapoor

Amit Thakkar

Garima Yagnik

How to watch 

This movie is available on zee5

Silence... Can You Hear It?

Click here to watch

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