How to recover locked /blocked blogger website?

How to recover locked/blocked blogger websites?

Nowadays blogger is very strict for blogger users. They are blocking blogger websites that are doing spam or writing illegal content.

How to recover locked /blocked blogger website?

Reason for locking/blocking blogger website

The quantity of Blogspot/Blogger websites is expanding day by day. Out of these, a significant number of them are deliberately made for spamming.

Some people are using bloggers for making adult content and some people are using Blogger /Blogspot for hate speech. 

however what to do when your blog has been locked for reasons unknown; I mean if your blog doesn't disregard the Terms and administrations of Blogger and still you face the present circumstance.

Blogger community guidelines

when you write content for your blogger website. Make sure it is not violating blogger community guidelines.

 it is not related to any illegal product. And not about any adult thing. Since Blogger is a free platform so we have to respect its community guidelines.

Here you can read blogger community guidelines.  Click here

How to recover locked/ blocked blogger account.

When you see that message that your blogger account is locked/ blocked. There is an option that you can request a review.

The Blogger team will do a review and if they do not find any community guidelines violation.,

They will unlock your blogger account and you can use it again. 

If they find any violation of blogger community guidelines, then they will delete your blogger website permanently.

How much time take for recovery of blogger locked/ blocked account

We can't tell about the actual time period of your blogger website recovery. It depends upon the blogger's team review. But most of the cases blogger websites were reviewed in 4-6 hours.So be patient, if your blogger website is following blogger community guidelines then your blogger website will be recovered.

You should wait at least 24 to 48 hours.

Tips for saving your data.

Here I am giving you additional tips for making your blogger account secure, you should regularly take backup of your blogger website data. So that in case your blogger website is locked/ blocked. Your data will remain safe and you can make another website on any platform and import your data to that website.

if this article is helpful for you then share it with your blogger's friends. and if you have any questions regarding this article then comment below.

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  • Shubham
    Shubham 8/03/2021 10:22:00 AM

    Thanks nice information.
    My blogger website is recovered in 4 hours .

    TECHNICAL ZUBAIR 3/13/2023 06:23:00 AM

    my website is locked without any response

  • Muhammed Kasim
    Muhammed Kasim 4/28/2023 05:50:00 PM

    للأسف لم أستعد مدونتي أرجو المساعدة

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