Feature your blogger web stories on Google discover

How to feature your web stories on Google discover

Feature your blogger web stories on Google discover
Google Web stories are the best way to get traffic for your blogger website. Google Web stories are trending these days. You can promote your content through Google web stories and generate a lot of traffic for your blogger website.

Let's know what is google web stories

Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web, here you can post videos, images, and animations, which allow you to tap or swipe through stories. To consume content, you can tap or swipe through Web Stories. Google supports Web Stories, so you might find them across Google Search and Discover.
You can also put your website post links in the stories to get traffic for your blogger website.

Benefits of Google web stories

The best benefit of Google web stories is that it is highly engaging. People love that type of content.
Google Web stories are personalized by the interest of users. So without searching anything any people see web stories in Google feed.

For example, if any person has an interest in sports, then there will appear sports-related web stories in his Google feed.
If your web stories are related to user's interests then there is more chance to appear your Google web stories in users' google feed

How to make a google web story in blogger

You can easily make a google web story on a blogger website but you have to use the website makestories.io. For WordPress, it is very easy to make web stories using plugins.
But here we will talk about Blogger.

You can make a google web story with the help of the website makestories.io.

Steps to make google web story

First, make an account on makestories.io

1. General setting for makestories.io

Go to the general setting and click on the general SEO setting.
Here you have to choose author type. If your website is a person then select a person. if your website is for organizations such as college websites, company websites then choose an organization.
In the second option, you will see the author name option. Here you have to write your name. Ex- john
In the third option you will see the language option here you have to select your website language or web story language.
In the fourth option you will see that publisher name here you have to type your website name.
Now click on the save details button.

2. Now go to branding setting

In the first option, You have to write brand name means your website name.

In the second and third options, you have to upload your blogger website logo and favicon icon respectively.

In the fourth option, you have to choose an industry where you have to select according to your blogger website. If you are confused with this option select content marketing.
Now click on the save the details button.

3. Now go to the typography option

Here you can choose the fonts option and styling. You can do it later also. So set according to your preference. You can leave also these options and click on the save details button.
Now go to analytics
Here you have to fill out google analytics I'd
For example, google analytics ID UA-101XXXXX-1
To see your google analytics I'd you have to log in to your Google analytics and there you can see your Google analytics I'd.

4. Now to go to social media

If you have a Facebook app I'd and a Twitter app I'd then provide otherwise leave it blank and click on the save details button.

5. Now go to advertising setup

Here you have to select your monetization method if you have goofy Adsense then click on it and fill your publisher I'd of Adsense and make an ad unit in your AdSense and see the slot I'd and put it in the ad slot option. The same you can do with other monetization options if you do have not Adsense.

Now click on the save details button all setup is done.

Now click on create New story option and follow the instructions on your screen.

Tips for making the best google web story

  1. At least make 5 pages in your web store.
  2. Each page has less than 200 characters.
  3. Use alt for images.
  4. Use related keywords in your Google web stories.
  5. Don't use too many links for the website. It means if in your Google web stories five pages then you have not to use more than 3 links.
  6. The title of your Google web stories should be attractive. Ex- Five habits to become successful. 

How to feature your web stories on Google discover

Yes, this is the very important part because without featuring on Google discover there is no sense of web stories.

Now for bloggers, there is only one way that you have to embed the HTML of a web story in your blogger post. So that when google crawls your post, then your web story URL can be crawled. You can make a web story page where you can embed your all google web stories. Now, this is the only way right now to get your web story on discover for blogger website.

If you have any queries regarding this post please leave a comment. I will try to solve your problem.
Thanks for reading this article.

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