How to get traffic for Blog posts

 Every blogger faces this difficulty that how to get traffic for blog posts. The genuine method for getting traffic for your blog post is that you have to write quality posts on the searchable topic. Many bloggers are writing articles on the topic which has very little search volume. So that they are not getting traffic.

How to get traffic for Blog posts
Now I will discuss the following topic for getting traffic

  • high-quality articles.
  • fast loading mobile-friendly templates.
  • sharing of posts on a different platform.
  • Do guest posting for making backlinks ( List of free guest posting sites)
  • Make web stories for your website.

Tips for writing a high-quality article

  1. write on a searchable topic.
  2. write the article deeply so that anyone can get complete information from your posts.
  3. your posts length should be a minimum of 500 words.
  4. Make the post title attractive and if your website is very new then try with how-to keywords.
  5. Before writing an article do some keyword analysis.
  6. Place keywords in your blog article.
  7. Use images in your article
  8. Always use alt text in your images.

Use fast-loading mobile-friendly templates

Yes, your website templates play a very important role in getting traffic. if your website template loading speed is very low then in this fast generation no one wants to wait and your users will not come to your website. Google also gives preferences high-speed loading websites in ranking.

Your website template should be mobile friendly because there is a lot of audiences who use mobile for searching in the world.

if your website is for an organization or company then you should use portfolio-type templates. If your website is related to education or learning then you should use educational templates.

Always choose high-speed loading and responsive template for your website. Website speed plays the main role in google indexing and ranking.

Share your posts on social media

This is the fastest method for getting traffic instantly. so always share your posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram

Do guest posting for making backlinks for your posts.

you should make high-quality backlinks for your blog post for getting high traffic. Always try to make do-follow backlinks. but don't ignore no-follow backlinks. Before making backlinks from any website always check the spam score and domain authority of websites. if spam score is high then don't make backlines. Always try to make backlinks from high domain authority.

Free websites for guest posting

  1. you can make an account on Medium – Where good ideas find you. for doing a guest post. This is the free source for sharing your blog posts.
  2. you can also use Quora for getting backlinks. It is a great source for getting traffic for your blog posts.
  3. you can use Direct response copywriter Bob Bly for sharing your blog posts and you can get traffic.
  4. you can make an account on Storymirror Blog for doing guest posts and making high-quality backlinks.

Make web stories

Yes, this is the best source for getting instant high-quality traffic for your website. you can make web stories very easily on a WordPress website but for making web stories on blogger you can visit this link click here. if your web stories will feature in google discover you can get traffic in million for your website. For a feature in google web story, you should daily at least post one web story.

you should try all the points which I have discussed in the above article for getting traffic.

I hope that I will cover all the points related to how to get traffic for blog posts. If you have any query please comment below.

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