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 About JetTheme blogger Premium Version

JetTheme is a high-speed blogger template. This theme has 90+ speeds even with AdSense ads code. if you want to set up your blogger website then you should use this template.
Jettheme blogger template is suitable for all blogger categories like personal blog, business blog, e-commerce blog, technology, movies, gaming Concept. The design looks very high and the end looks like made from a WordPress blog.
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This template is also very fast loading and well performed and lazy load feature available for many elements such as images, scripts, and Etc...



Google Rich ResultsYes

Google Testing Tool ValidatorYes

Fast LoadingYes

SEO OptimizedYes

Social SharingYes

100% Responsive DesignYes

Browser CompatibilityYes

404 pageYes

valid schema structureYes

Easy customizationYes

Ads ReadyYes

jettheme documentation click here
JetTheme demo
JetTheme download

Additional Settings for JetTheme Premium Version

change following setting in your blogger tempalate . you can see this setting in your blogger tempalate below <head> section

1. Tagline Title pada Homepage<Variable name="tagline" description="Tagline" type="string" value=""/>

 value=" "with your title tagline, this is also to improve SEO, for example homepage titles:JetTheme – Template Blogger No.1, so you just enterTemplate Blogger No.1.<Variable name="tagline" description="Tagline" type="string" value="Template Blogger No.1"/>

2. Title Separator<Variable name="separator" description="Separator" type="string" value=" - "/>

Serves as a delimiter on the JetTheme instance title–Blogger Template No.1, you can change it or leave it like that, but if you change it with other delimiters and make sure there are spaces at the beginning and end.
3. Description Homepage<Variable name="description" description="Description" type="string" value=""/>

This is an alternative way to enter a description of your blog, you can ignore this if you have filled in the description in the blogger settings.
4. Picture/Cover on Homepage<Variable name="cover" description="Cover" type="string" value=""/>

Here it takes an image url to function, for example when you share a blog on social media, for Cover the front page or default if other pages don't have images, to get images please upload your image or logo on a blogger post or widgetUpload Imagewith a large width more or less1600 X 700 pixel.<Variable name="cover" description="Cover" type="string" value="https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-tPL1gFodXic/XkpynVR_i5I/AAAAAAAAADk/LSSXRzeaxAk4gxcrqLkRzmL93cUpwpCaACPcBGAYYCw/s1600/jettheme-cover.png"/>

5. Logo Image on SEO Schema<Variable name="logo" description="Logo" type="string" value=""/>

Enter the url of your blog logo image, the method is the same as the cover above, its function is to complete the data in the SEO Schema.
6. Favicon High Resolution<Variable name="favicon" description="Favicon" type="string" value=""/>

fill in the url of your blog's favicon image, the method is the same as the cover and logo above but with the format.pngand big200 X 200 pixel, its function is so that your blog's favicon is not blurry.
7. New Google Analytic<Variable name="analyticId" description="Analytic ID" type="string" value=""/>

This is an alternative way of entering your Google Analytics ID code, you can ignore this if you have filled in the Analytic ID in blogger settings, but the difference here is that you can also use the latest version of Google Analytics.<Variable name="analyticId" description="Analytic ID" type="string" value="G-AXXXXXXXXX"/>

8. Google Adsense<Variable name="caPubAdsense" description="caPubAdsense ID" type="string" value=""/>

You can ignore this if you have activated Adsense on blogger, this is only an alternative for your AdSense which is different from your blogger email, you can fill it with the caPubAdsense ID which you can get in your Adsense script.

On the left of the Adsense page menu, click Ads/ads select Overview/Overview, after entering the Overview page, click Get Code/Get Code, you will get a code like below<script async src="https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js?client=ca-pub-1234567890XXXXXX

Copy the colored sample ID/number and enter it as below.<Variable name="caPubAdsense" description="caPubAdsense ID" type="string" value="1234567890XXXXXX"/>

Notes: This feature is only for those who have been accepted by Adsense, if you are in the Adsense registration or review stage to speed up acceptance, just put the adsense code under the <head> as directed by google.
jettheme documentation click here
JetTheme demo
JetTheme download

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