webium premium blogger template download

 Webium high speed blogger template download

Webium blogger template is a very beautiful blogger template. webium blogger templates design looks like medium.com. it is a very attractive blogger template. 

  If you want to give your blogger website a new look then it is perfect for you. This template is a responsive blogger template and also a very fast-loading blogger template.

webium premium blogger template download

Webium Blogger template(Medium style blogger template)

webium blogger template can be used on news website , magazine website, tech website and in any kind of website. This blogger Template is seo friendly. 

This template is also very fast loading and well performed and the lazy load feature is available for many elements such as images, scripts, and Etc...

Features of webium premium blogger template

  1. Elegant and clean design
  2. Device responsive
  3. Orange and other color combination
  4. AdSense ready
  5. Horizontal navigation menu (ideal for approval of Adsense)
  6. Featured post widget
  7. User friendly sitemap
  8. Blog cards
  9. Awesome footer
  10. Newsletter Subscription (Alternative to MailChimp)
  11. SVG icons and Social
  12. Social sharing
  13. Pagination of blogs
  14. Breadcrumb
  15. Hashtag
  16. Automated related posts (in a slender box)
  17. Automated in-post Google ads
  18. Unique comment section
  19. Clean ‘related posts’
  20. Dark-mode
  21. Search function
  22. Sticky sidebar
  23. Google Ads on the bottom of webpages
  24. completely free.
  25. High-speed loading(96+ speed on mobile and 99+ speed on desktop
  26. News article schema.

webium documentation click here
webium blogger template demo
webium blogger template download

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