How to check my website is indexed or not?

How to check my website is indexed or not?

How to check my website is indexed or not?
Every new blogger wants to know that their website is indexed on Google or not?
Every body wants to indexed their website immediately on Google. Because indexing generates traffic to site.
 Today I will discuss in detailed way about indexing.

Method of checking indexing posts or website.

1.Using google search console.

Go to Google search console . And you will see a option in left corner inspect . Now click on inspect and paste your post url or website URL and search . If your url is indexed then there will show that url is on Google. If not then you will get msg url is not on Google.
This is the best way to check your posts or website that's your url is on Google or not 

2. Second method for checking your posts indexed pages. First copy the URL of post or website which you want to check.
Then simply type 
Site: your url paste here

If your url will be on Google then you will see your particular post or website.
If your post did not show it means your url is not on Google.

3. Third way to check your indexed posts . Copy your post url which you want to check.
And open Google and now simply type
"Your post url here"

Note : paste your url in double inverted commas 
If your post comes on Google then your particular posts is on Google.

How to check all website indexed posts

For checking your all indexed posts 
Type on Google

Site: your website url here


" Your website url here"

Thus is the best way which every blogger used to check their indexed posts and pages.

Tips to indexed posts quickly 

  • You should write posts on trending topics.
  • Your articles should be unique and high quality content. 
  • You should submit sitemap in Google search console 
  • You should manually indexed your posts in Google search console.
  • You should share your URLs on social media.
  • You should ping your URLs on ping websites.
  • You should write posts regularly.
  • Last best tips is that you should try to take google news approval.
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