best method to get free traffic to Blogger site?

 best method to get free traffic to Blogger site?

best method to get free traffic to Blogger site?
Do you want to increase your blogger website traffic? .Then this is right place for you. Today I will tell you in detail that how to draw traffic to your website. I will tell you geniune way to increase your traffic.

Check your website indexing

Yes very obvious , but simply search on google below text .




After searching if your all posts shows in Google then everything fine

If your all posts do not show in Google then first index your posts . And submit your sitemap in Google search console.

Keywords research

If your website is very new and your website has not good domain authority then write on that keywords that have low Keyword difficulty ( less than 10 )and search volume should be at least 100-300 . Don't try to write articles that keywords which have a lot of search volume. Because which keyword have high search volume that have very high keyword difficulty also have very high competition. So ignore that keywords.

In beginning, don't go for high volume keyword ,write  on less volume keywords so that your website can easily rank on Google search page.

"Keywords research is key to success " And it is very difficulty part to find low difficulty keyword with good search volume.

For that you can use free tools .if you want to know about free keywords research tools .you can read this article.

Write proper content in detail 

After doing keyword research, pick up keywords and put it in your post heading . And write your article proper in detail. Use images in your articles and also write image alt text.

Use Google question hub

For select topic of articles use Google question hub . And after writing your article on that topic also submit your articles link in the Google question hub.

Write on trending topics 

Always updated with trends and follow google trends and also write on Trending topic. But always do keyword research of that topics .

Make backlinks

After writings at least 25 articles you should make backlinks for your articles so that they can rank higher in Google. 

Always keep in mind do follow backlinks is good for websites but no-follow backlinks is also necessary. So that your website will natural to google. 

Share your articles on social media

Share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, pinterest , LinkedIn and reddit. So that your website can get more views.

Regular post articles 

You follow this pattern 3 months and try to write daily article but if you are very  busy then you should write at least 2 posts in a week .

Don't  use irritating  ads.

Yes , you should not use ads until your website have enough traffic. If you want to use ads then keep in mind your website should not have  irritating ads. Only use simple banner ads (i.e. google adsense)

Increase Website Speed

Your website loading speed may be issue for traffic. So always use light weighted template which have good loading speed.

If you want fast loading blogger template then you can comment below in this article

Last words keep patience for 2 months after trying this method. After that your website have enough  organic high quality traffic depends upon your articles.

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