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Hello bloggers, Are you searching for best adsense alternative adnetwork? If this is your query then you are at the right place . I will share my experience in detail about best adsense alternative for small traffic website.

In starting I have tested many adnetwork but they did not work for me even I have not  earn minimum $1 with any adnetwork.

But today I will tell you some adnetworks which given me good earning with low traffic.
Main problem for publisher is traffic. Some adnetworks are good but they did not work with low traffic websites. Some adnetworks gives aproval but there is no benefits if you have low tarffic.

Why do we need adnetworks

If you have website and you continuously write posts then if you want to earn for your content then you have to use adnetworks. Because adnetworks provide us ads . If any user see your ads or click your ads then you will earn . So using adnetwork for earning is not bad idea. Every man wants to earn money. And you are giving valuable knowledge or content through your website then earning  money gives you motivation for writing posts.

Which type adnetworks should you use

Yes this is very important question. You should use clean ads . Don't use irritating ads.
You should use simple banner ads which gives your website better look without affecting user experience.

If you use irritating ads then your users will be disturbed and no user will return on your website. There are thousands results in Google so user why will choose to stay on your website when your website user experience is very bad.
Irritating ads can give your high money but they will destroy your traffic very soon . So my personal recommendation that don't irritate your users.

These type ads you should avoid

Pop up ads
Popunder ads.
Redirect ads
In page Push ads
Notification ads
Push ads.

Which type ads  should you use

You should use simple banner ads, interstitial ads. You can also use a sticky ads in footer that is enough.
Make sure your website user experience should be good.
You can use a lot of ads depends upon your content length. You can use 5 ads or you can use 10 ads depends upon content length. But  3 to 5 ads is good for any website. adnetwork complete review

Click Here To Join Clicksor AdBrite MLA  adnetworks is best adnetwork for low traffic websites. After signup you will recieve approval mail in 24 hours. There is very fast response. So it does not too much time for approval. In my experience they approved every websites. Because my every websites approved even without no traffic.(but don't think it's cpm rate will be low they have very good cpm rate )
But your website should have 3-6 posts and user experience should be good in my opinion. Cpm rate and cpc rate

The cpm rate will higher than $0.1 for any geo. because my traffic mostly comes from India and I make  $0.02 in just  30  pageviews. And I have placed 3 ads unit only.

There is minimum cpc is $0.01. it can be higher depends upon geo.

Minimum withdraw amount minimum withdraw amount is $100.  Yes it is very high for low traffic websites
I also contacted them about high minimum withdraw amount. But they reply me that it is fix because we are high paying adnetwork.
It's a negative point of
So keep this in mind that when use this adnetwork.

Payment method

There is two payment method available paypal and bank transfer.

Earning reports

You can see earning reports here in below screenshot earning reports|  adnetwork payment proof

Payment proof

I have not completed my payment threshold so that I have no earning proof but when I will complete minimum threshold for withdraw then I will update it here.

If you want to join this can apply here

Join adbrite

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