Profitsence adx adnetwork review l google adsense alternative

 Profitsence adx adnetwork review l google adsense alternative|cpm based adnetwork.

Are you searching for Google Adsense alternative adnetwork.?

I know that for every website google adsense does not perform good. Because google adsense pays for every valid clicks not for impression. So if your site does not generate clicks then adsense is not good option for you.

Why do you need cpm based network?

Cpm means cost per thousand impression. It means you will paid for every impression.

So you have not to worry about clicks. 

  Cpm based adnetwork always gives higher revenue than cpc ads 

  Because if 50 visiters comes on your site and you placed 4 ads on one page then you have 200 impression ,they did not click on any ads then you have $0 in cpc ads .but in CPM ad network you will get atleast $0.2 to $0.4 depend on cpm rate.

 profitsence detailed Review

Profitsence adx adnetwork review

Profitsence is an Ad exchange network and situated in Sri Lanka. Profitence is a CPM-based network.  Today I will discuss about profitsence review in detailed. So read complete article.

Minimum requirements for profitsence

  • There is no minimum requirements for approval. 
  • but you should follow some rules for your website
  •  Your website design should be simple .
  •  Your website should have some quality original content ( at least 10- 15 articles)
  •  Your website should be indexed on Google.
  •  Your website should not have  adult or illegal content.
  •  Your website should not have bot traffic.
  •  You can use social media traffic.
  • Profitsence Traffic requirement.
  • There is not any traffic requirement for approval.But your website have some traffic for earning.

Profitsence support 

The support of profitsence is extremely good. You can talk about any issue related ads. Profitsence support is available through WhatsApp and mail.

Profitsence CPM rate 

Profitsence cpm rate is extremely good in comparison between other adx network. They provide high cpm rate.

Profitsence average cpm rate is between $0.80 to $1.80. Which is far better than other networks. maybe you get higher depending on your traffic. My mostly traffic is comes from india . Then I am getting a $1.0 CPM rate for Indian traffic. If you have traffic from tier 1 country then your CPM rate must be higher than me.

You can see my reports below

Profitsence adx adnetwork report

Join adnetwork 

Profitsence ads format.

Profitsence shows only google ads . Show ads will be clean and intresting .

Banner ads 

Profitsence have following banner foramats

300x250, 336x280 Ads 

728x90, 320x50, 320x100 Ads

120x600, 160x600, 300x600 Ads

970x250 (Responsive) Ads

 Responsive Native Ad (Multiplex)

Outstream Video Ad 

This is very good ad format and provides a very high CPM rate. (Must try)

An ‘out-stream’ video ad unit, also commonly referred to as ‘in-read’ or ‘native video’, is a new video advertising unit that autoplay in a large format player whenever a user navigates to it within text content (typically an article), even if the publisher doesn’t have their own video content. It’s called out-stream.

Sticky Responsive Display Anchor Ad

This ads will show on footer of your website and will be sticky.  

Interstitial ads

This is a simple interesting ad unit that will show when a user clicks on another post on your website. Like google adsense.

Profitsence adx ad network my experience

I am using profitsence adx ads on my  websites. But my traffic is very low. But I got very good CPM rate. 

  But after adding Profitsence adcodes, my website loading time little bit increased. So that is the only one problem I faced.

Payment Threshold

The minimum payment threshold is $100.

Payment method:  bank wire transfer.

You can apply for ad network below link

   Join profitsence

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  • Knowledge Grow
    Knowledge Grow 4/28/2023 08:32:00 PM

    after adding Profitsence adcodes, my website loading time little bit increased. So that is the only one problem I faced. mujhe bhi yahi problem aa raha hai...

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