Best way to make money through your website

Best way to make money through your website

Yes, I know every publisher wants to make money through their website or blog. So today I will tell you the best way to make money through your website, But keep in mind that for earning a good amount of money you should have a decent amount of traffic on your website.

Now let's discuss the methods of earning through a Website.

1. Banner advertisement

Yes, we all know it's the simplest way to earn money through your website. For that, you have to show an advertisement on your website and in return, you will have a decent amount of money.

I will recommend google AdSense for showing ads. Because its ads are clean and they pay the highest amount for decent and low traffic websites compared to other ad networks.

But Adsense has very strict guidelines for publishers. So some publishers face difficulty with Adsense approval. If you want to know how to get Google Adsense approval you can read it - click here

If your website is not eligible for Google Adsense so you can use Google AdSense then you use AdSense alternative ad network.

2. Affiliate marketing

The second way to earn money through your website is affiliate marketing. You promote any product or service of any brand on your website and if any users buy that service or product through your link then that brand provides you commission for that product, it's called affiliate marketing.

For that, you have to join an affiliate program related to your website niche.

For the fashion niche, you can join Amazon associate account.

For getting your niche related affiliate program you have to simply type affiliate program for your niche(ex - blogging)

3. Guest Post

The third way to get a high amount of money through your website is through guest Posts. But it is not for a brand new website. This is for high domain authority and high-traffic websites. You have to make a page for guest posts and tell people that you are open to accepting guest posts and write you can mention your price for guest Posts.

Then any people if want to promote your website will send you an article and place link of their website. You have to publish that article and you can demand money for that.

4. Sponsored content

Yes, the fourth way to make money through your website is sponsored content. For that, if your website has high traffic and high domain authority then a related niche brand will contact you through your contact us page and they will suggest to you writer about their products and services in return you can set a price for that.

5. Premium content area

Again this is for high-traffic websites you can lock your high-quality content for all and give access to only your premium member. For that, you can set a premium membership price monthly or yearly plan and can earn a very high amount of money through the premium content area.

6. Sell services and Sell product

Yes, very easy way to earn and sell your products and services online. You can sell your e-books and products through your website. This is a very effective way to earn money. If your services or products are good then you can earn a lot of money through your website.

Ex many websites are selling templates for websites, e-books, etc

7. Selling website

Yes, you can make a website and sell it. Today now it's very trendy that make money by selling your website. You can make websites and sell them.

I hope I have solved your queries that how to make money through your website. If you have another query related to this please comment below. I will try to reply to you.

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