which is better WordPress or blogger for blogging?

which is better WordPress or blogger for blogging?

which is better WordPress or blogger for blogging?
yes, the first question which comes to mind of every blogger is that should I use Blogger or WordPress. the answer is that both are very good platforms. but the main difference is that blogger is a product of Google and completely free. where WordPress is paid, it means you have to buy hosting for your website.

if you are using a blogger then google has the right to block your website if you are violating blogger privacy. on other hand, if you are using WordPress then you are the owner of your website. Google has no right to block your website, but in terms of security, blogger is more secure because it is a product of google.

In terms of feature

blogger is very user-friendly if you are new then you should start with blogger and also blogger is a free platform. on the other hand WordPress can take one weak for understanding all the features of the dashboard. Blogger does not support plugins so you have to do everything manually. another hand for WordPress there is a lot of plugins available. So you can do everything just in some clicks.


blogger website generally looks very simple in terms of design but now there are also very good templates is available on the internet to give your website an attractive look. On the other hand, the WordPress website looks very good.

indexing and ranking

blogger and WordPress both website index on google. there is no issue in indexing with both platforms. But for ranking, there is an edge for WordPress because there is a lot of plugins available for SEO. on another hand on blogger you have to do everything manually. So WordPress website has a great chance to rank first on google. but you can also be ranked first on google with your blogger website. For that, you have to write high-quality posts on your website.

My Recommendation

if you are new or want to make a website for writing purposes the go with blogger because it is free. and you can earn also with a blogger website. you can also add a custom domain name to your blogger's website by investing small money, so that your website name will look professional, after earning some with Google AdSense or other ad networks or affiliate marketing, you can shift your blogger website to WordPress. So start with blogger at the beginning of your blogger career.

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